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HR Setup

Record Keeping

Employee Records – Our HR program is one that is user friendly for the employer and the employee!

Employee self service enables your employees to update their own personal records, saving your administration team valuable time (or we can look after the data entry for them)

For the employer, you will be able to 

  • Access time sheets and attendance records
  • Approve time sheets
  • Access personnel files

Your employee will have access to update

  • Contact Details (ie. Change of address, phone number or email address)
  • Bank Details
  • Certificates
  • Qualifications
  • Blue Card – if applicable – working with children or in construction

And be able to record their time sheets even when out in the field.

We can work with you to ensure that you are outsourcing your payroll to the experts who are fully informed about award interpretation. Outsourcing your payroll creates additional efficiency, savings in time and money while you concentrate on running your business.

Contractor Information and compliance

Are your contractors meeting compliance per legislation? Are your employees free to concentrate on the work they do best. Have you minimised your risk of failing to meet current compliance?

  • Do your contractors have correct insurance cover?
  • Do your contractors hold appropriate trade certificates and accreditation?
  • Do your contractors hold a valid ABN?
  • Are your contractors holding the correct licences or contractor registration from the governing authorities?

We can work with you to ensure that you are outsourcing your contractor management to a team of experts that know compliance laws and regulations.  By doing this, you will reduce your level of your risk and ensure that your business and your sub contractors are legally compliant.

Training Records

Free up your time and get the complete picture on your employee’s skill sets and competencies

Our systems can

  • Schedule
  • Track
  • Report on employee training, skill sets and qualification for your employees.
  • Record competencies
  • Professional development attendance records.
  • Certificates
  • Qualifications

Start your new employees off with the correct information – fulfil your legal obligation to train and inform your new employee in relation to safe working practices.

A quality induction introduces new employees to your business, the working environment, management and other employees.  Although an induction is generally for new employees, it can also be useful for existing employees who move into another position or another area within your business so that they are provided with all the information they may need.

Key benefits your business can gain from a quality induction processes:

  • reduction in staff turnover where the likelihood of new staff leaving your business shortly after commencing employment;
  • Providing an appropriate induction will ensure that your new employee is provided with all the information they need in order to be productive quickly.

Depending on the role of the new employee and your business type, a thorough induction may take hours or it may take days to complete.  So long as there is no risk to the person, you may be able to spread the induction over a period of time to suit.  This will enable your employee to learn while becoming acquainted with the new work location.

Induction is not considered complete until the new employee has sufficient information to be productive to an acceptable level.  It may be beneficial to think in terms of what information is required in the first day, first week and first month.

We can work with you to design and implement an effective onboarding and induction process.

Paperless Onboarding

By replacing the outdated paper based forms with a new paperless onboarding system, you will experience increased time efficiency and reduced employment administration expense.

Some of the benefits –

  • So cost effective when you can your employment offers, HR forms and other induction correspondence using our paperless on boarding system;
  • Eliminates the cost of printing and postage;
  • Acceptance of employment offers can be returned to you using the same system, speeding up the recruitment process;
  • New employee paperwork can be completed electronically prior to commencement date;
  • Potentially integrate the paperless onboarding system with your payroll system, reducing the need to duplicate data entry and saving your business time and money

Our Onboarding software makes the onboarding process effortless.


Implementing a strong process for employees who are leaving the employ of your business could well pay dividends in the future. Retaining a good professional relationship is the best way for an employee and employer to part ways. There may be things that arise during transition period after they leave that you may need to consult with them on.

Do you have checklists in place to ensure that
• You retrieve company assets;
• You retrieve access cards and keys;
• Handover of work has been done;
• You have the passwords to protected documents;
• Employees and contractors leaving your business don’t leave with your office equipment and assets as well?



HR Compliance

Conduct a self-audit of your compliance with key requirements set out in the Fair Work Act 2009 and Fair Work Regulations 2009, and associated Acts and Regulations.

Ensure you are a compliant employer, we can ensure you have access to employment contracts, policy templates all that have been created by employment lawyers.

  • Policy templates can be personalised for your business